2015 SMPS UBER Conference Announces Keynote Speaker

Marketing and sales strategist, noted speaker, and best-selling author David Meerman Scott is Joining the Revolution as keynote speaker for the SMPS 2015 UBER Conference in Boston, April 22-24.

Focusing on the communications revolution that we are experiencing, his presentation, GROW YOUR BUSINESS NOW!, will inspire attendees to look at the tremendous growth opportunities available to those who tap into this communications transformation!

Gone are the days of planning marketing and public relations programs to suit your timetable. It’s a Real-Time world now! If you’re not engaged, you’ve opened doors for your competition.  David Meerman Scott shows how to make the power of Real-Time work for you!   This inspiring, high-energy presentation will reveal ways to generate attention for products and services in minutes (not months).   SMPS UBER Conference attendees will walk away with relevant and actionable ideas:

– How to develop (or refine) products or services based on feedback from customers or events in the marketplace.
–  How to engage when people are eager to do business.
–  How to make speed and agility a competitive weapon.
–  How to get the media talking about you
– And much more.

Real-Time business means acting first — and — while your competitors scramble to adjust, opening new channels that grow your brand.  Scott shows how to succeed NOW . . . in Real-Time.

David Meerman Scott is an online marketing strategist and author of several books on marketing, most notably The New Rules of Marketing and PR. The book was inspired by an accidental discovery that creating useful content for oneself and publishing it on-line at virtually no cost was consistently more effective than expensive professional  public relations programs. His career has taken him from Wall Street to new corporations in the US and Asia, and finally to Boston where he eventually started his own firm.

To read more about David, visit his website or this Postwire page.

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